Pay For My Dreams

WordPress 4 website with a focus of online Affiliate Marketing. Topics include writing tips and lessons on how to get started on making money online in your spare time. Visit https://payformydreams.com today to start making money.

October, 2017

What it Means

WordPress 4 website focusing on the What it Means series of books by Tina Ketch. To learn more about this series please visit this wonderful site http://whatitmeans.siterubix.com

October, 2017


Drupal 7 website with an integrated shopping cart, moderated reviews, slideshow, and online classroom with multiple courses, lessons and quizzes.

April, 2015

Enigma Android App

A text messaging encryption application available for Android devices. Get it today at the Android Market Place.

December, 2013

PHP Script

PHP/MySQL/Javascript Application for collecting and displaying data provided by site visitors and thier CB equipment. The time stamp auto adjusts to display the time based on the viewers location.

April, 2012

Triple 777 Towing

Drupal 7 website designed, deployed, and maintained for a towing company.

February, 2012

Media Center DB

Media Center DB was an Open Source Web based Media Center Database for Music, Movies, and Photos.

July, 2009

Webpage EDU

A project that our team worked on part time to teach others how to build web sites for FREE.

April, 2009

Dental Test Site

A Website for a fictious company. Includes a Flash Header, Form with JavaScript Validation and change of visibility of various fields based on user input.

January, 2009


This is Candle-Lighting.com’s latest website which we developed using PHP and Table-less design.

December, 2008

Landing Page

This is a proto-type of a Landing Page created for Candle-Lighting.com

December, 2008

Address Book (RoR)

An Address Book and Todo List developed using Ruby on Rails version 2.1.1.

November, 2008

Candle-Lighting.com (old)

This is the original site design that we created for Candle-Lighting.com.

March, 2005


The site we built for TinaKetch.com which later became Candle-Lighting.com using PHP and MySQL. This site was an entire Non-Secure shopping cart system (payments where handled offline).

March, 2002