Our Enigma app is now available on the Google Play Store, get your copy today.

The Enigma is easy to use but allows for extensive customization when encrypting messages. Continue to read further for a detailed explanation of how to use the Enigma and customize the settings.

Just want to send a message to a friend?

That is easy!
Enter your message in the “Original” field and click the “Encode/Decode” button (Figure 1.a). Just send the message that appears in the “Transcoded” field. To make things easy we provided a “Send” button (Figure 1.b). Click on this button and you can select the application that you would like to use to send the message (Figure 1.c).

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Figure 1.a Figure 1.b Figure 1.c


Just want to send a message to a friend but don't want someone else to read the message?

Not a problem!
Change the initial position of any or all of the wheels and share the new positions with your friend (Figure 2.a). Now encrypt and send your message like before (Figure 2.b). Now anyone that doesn’t know how you setup the wheels prior to encrypting your message will not be able to decode your message. You will notice from the screenshots we changed only one wheel by one position to show how such a small change makes a huge difference.

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Figure 2.a Figure 2.b


Want to read a message from a friend?

Too easy!
Setup the wheels to match the settings your friend used when encrypting the message and enter the encrypted message in the “Original” field (Figure 3.a). Now click the “Encode/Decode” button (Figure 3.b). That is it. To make things simple for you we designed the application to accept text input from other applications on your Android device. Use this function to send the encrypted message straight to the Engima and you are set to decode the message. If you try to decode a message with the wrong wheel settings your message will not be succesfully decoded (Figure 3.c)

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Figure 3.a Figure 3.b Figure 3.c



Check back soon when we will show you some of the advanced features of your new Enigma app.