Yahoo Data Breach – How can Kaspersky help us

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We need better security! The results from a security audit in connection with Verizon Communications’ purchase of Yahoo revealed startling news. ALL 3 Billion Yahoo user accounts were compromised! How can Kaspersky’s Password Manager help us stay safe while on the internet?

What happen?

In 2013 a European State Agency funded hacker was able to penetrate and gain access to Yahoo’s user accounts. In 2016 news of the compromise was finally disclosed. Yahoo forced users to change their passwords and their security questions were purged. Initially, Yahoo claimed that 1 Billion accounts were affected. As startling as this number may be, we have recently learned that the breach was far larger than initially thought. ALL 3 Billion Yahoo user accounts were exposed.

What should we do?

Everyone should assume a more guarded and secure posture toward their online activity. This doesn’t mean putting bars on your windows and doors or motion activated security lights around the perimeter of your house. We need to be more mindful of the type of information that we put on the internet. We should think about the type of environment we are in when we login to a financial institutions website.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

Do’s Don’ts
  • Install updates regularly
  • Use virus protection software
  • Use complex passwords
  • Connect to untrusted networks
  • Use the same password for all accounts
  • Share your password with others

We suggest Kaspersky Total Security?

Kaspersky Total Security Kaspersky Total Security is a suite of products providing protection from viruses, malware and adware. Total Security also provides password management, and safe browsing for children along with additional utilities.

In our lab testing this week we focused on the Kaspersky Password Manager. To use Kaspersky Password Manager you will need to create a free Kaspersky User Account. Kaspersky Password Manager is not a part of the default instance of Kaspersky Total Security. Installing the password manager separately only added about 3 minutes onto the installation time, on a moderately rated Windows 10 system.

Password GeneratorTo test the password manager after the install we went to a website that required a username and password to login. After entering our password Kaspersky Password Manager asked if we would like to save the password. We logged out of our session and went back to the website. The password manager autofilled in the username and password for us (we also verified the autofill did function in a private browsing or incognito session). The real test came when we installed a new browser along with Kaspersky’s Password Manager plugin for that browser. When we visited the same website in the new browser, autofill worked flawlessly.

The password manager can generate passwords for you. Opening the utility will generate a random password for you. You can also adjust the settings to generate additional password. The animation while the random password is cool to look at but does not serve any real purpose.

If you would like more information about creating your own passwords see one of our previous articles: What is my password?

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