What is my Password?

Too Many Passwords

Nearly every website has various requirements for password complexity. Some sites want letters and numbers, and some want just letters while others require letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters as well as special characters.

Remember a password should be complex but mean something to you so that you don’t forget it.
A password of “password” is not secure in the least bit but if you were to take the phrase “This is my first secret password” and take the first letter of each word you would have a password of “timfsp“. This is great but will only work if the site will only allow letters. Remember some sites will require more out of you. So let’s add a numberĀ in there. Once again we take the first letter of each word, but we will now swap the word first with the number one, we will get “tim1sp“. Now we are getting somewhere. If we capitalize the first and last characters, we will come up with “Tim1sP“. Now, this looks good, and we are getting something complex. But, there is no sense in stopping here why don’t we change the letter s to another character that looks like an s. Now we have a password of “Tim1$P“.

Sticky NoteWell, how do you like that, now we have 4 different versions of the same password? Oh, wait we do have a little problem! Which version do I use for the power company, which one is for my bank, then we have our email and our 401k? With so many different passwords how do we remember which one goes with which account? If only there was a way to remember all of this!

I know what we can do, we can use a sticky note and KeePass Screenshotput it on the side of the monitor. Nooooooo! Please don’t do this. All someone has to do is look over your should and see the passwords right there clear as day. But, there is another way. There is a nifty little program called KeePass that will allow you to store all of your usernames, passwords, and all kinds of important details securely. The best part is the software is FREE! Sorry, it works best on Windows based systems but fear not there are versions that work on your mobile device, Mac, and Linux machines.

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John Temple
John is currently an IT Professional at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has worked in the IT industry for nearly 20 years. He currently has certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as a Masters Degree in Information Technolgy. Add to his credit he has developed several custom encryption systems based on the World War II Enigma Machine. His applications expand the capabilities and modernized them for the world on the move. Read more about his Enigma App here.

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